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We are committed to providing quality service for healthy living.

In brief, you should know the following about us: our company was established to provide the best quality service for healthy living. Services provided to Property Management, Home Owners Associations, Real Estate Brokers and Agents, Code Compliance, Housing Authority Special Needs and Requirements, Demolition Requirements, PreConstruction, Hospitality, Food Services, Manufacturing, Processing and Storage Facilities. Our specialty is in the area of integrated pest management. Our unwavering commitment to sustainability and reduction of environmental impact adheres to providing sustainable solutions and insuring the safe implementation of industry products.  Our customers particularly value our prompt response and quality services. Our business is located at the Heart of Southern California to tend to your specific needs.

In our industry we are often asked about the latest alternative treatments.  Alternative treatments have been published and commercially used in our industry for over two decades.  Pest Control alternatives for garden variety pests have been published for consumers and have included soap and water to bottle trapping flies with pungent baits so they can check in but find it hard to get out.  pesty snails have been lured with stale beer into pie tins as the yeast attracts them and the alcohol makes it harder for them to get out or maybe they just love to stay in the tin in ecstasy.  sauteed-escargot?.  Is there a better mouse trap?  Placing a morsel, I once read, within a glass bowl big enough with a directed ramp so the mouse scurry's up it and be trapped after enjoying the morsel as it slips and slips on the glass surface in an attempt to get out.  What do you do with a live mouse in your bowl? and yes they are known to jump like a slinky.  Termite Control has had its own alternative methods with Zapping, Freezing and Heating their little you know whats off.  Long gone is the age of 20-30 year plus half life after shelvers. Over one quarter to one half of a century ago they were found to be overwhelmingly effective and the risk outweighed the benefit of their intended use. Orange Oil, Advance Termite Bait System, Bora-Care, Tim-Bor and Termidor SC have further aided the industry in the arsenal to combat against some notorious pests that devalue your property.  There is no magic wand currently available in the industry to say for sure that all alternative methods will eradicate all pests in all the areas of any property as far as the Professionals in the industry know and even though alternatives methods maybe available and used in the industry there is no known common cost effective "local treatment" as an alternative effective method to eradicate the presence of drywood termites at this time to replace a fumigation. or dissembling your structure and replacing those integral parts of it with new integral parts from a seasoned stock. If it is not visible and accessible must likely they will go on enjoying the sugar starch of your integral parts until they are found.  What about the termite sniffing dog? Methane emission by termites, animal husbandry, ect can be detected by the keenest of man's best friend, just make sure there are no cows around. Unusual levels may indicate among all an earthly feature and NIXITPRO doesn't own one.  Moisture and termites. Electronic devices for termites? It could be that there is room for a case study. Electronic devices for household pest, rodents & preconstruction devices have also been introduced and used or built into and within structures in some parts of our great states to deliver safe applications of audible sounds that may even keep you awake all night or away from your own home at high level settings and deliver a selection of available products recommended to be applied by the homeowner as they are needed. An old acquaintance of mine once said. Rig the house with track cameras so you would not find a need to belly-crawl the substructure or catwalk the attics and stand a chance to fall thru the ceilings when you go on to look for termites. Answers to questions with proposed solutions can readily be found with a bit of patience in the world wide web. Products and building materials for new construction and replacement of existing damaged industry products is a matter of choice for a specific need to every consumer.  Identifying the culprit maybe the option of the homeowner.  Executing the solutions in a safe and effective manner would be at best left to a licensed professional.  Structural, General and Agricultural Pest are all around us. the Plant Quarantine Act of 1912, as I have read, aided much in curtailing the development of unwanted pest encountered by homeowners and professionals today. New and improved methods of pest control, development of a combination building code standards introduced in the mid 1920's, new innovative building products, wood preservatives and integrated pest management have facilitated an environment for healthy living.

Often new home owner's ask about available home protection plans, extended warranties, transferred warranties, pest bonds, service agreements.  Home owner warranties and protection plans typically cover appliances and systems, mechanical units and devices that enhance the value of a property excluding all pest problems, existing or to be found, after a transfer of ownership has been defined and executed with a seal even though some professional companies in the industry may offer limited or extended warranties, even transferable warranties, after a complete and thorough inspection of the property has been performed and all agreeable dots and t-crossing have been dotted and crossed. Applicable warranties may start with one year, two years, three years, even five years under approved and agreeable conditions. New and improve available products to the profession, used as label directed, may yield positive results beyond the fifth year warranted.

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