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$100 OFF on Dryrot and Termite Damage Repairs.

$25 OFF on Ant, Cockroach, Bedbug, Spider, Silverfish, Mice, Rat or Animal Removal Services. 


For properties up to 2,500 square feet.

Not applicable for refinance or property sales. 

Termite and Pest Control

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Our termite and pest control professionals have over two decades of hands-on experience providing outstanding service to the residential, commercial, industrial, and hospitality industries.  We are located in the heart of Los Angeles and provide services to the greater Los Angeles County and adjacent counties through out Southern California. With nearly 100,000 species of insects in North America, an estimated 30,000/35,000 in California and an estimated 3,000 to 4,000 in Los Angeles you are bound to encounter some of them as they attempt to invade your home or business. The most common insects that you may encounter are: Black Widow Spider, Brown Widow Spider, Scorpions, Varied Ants and Cockroaches, Fleas,  Silverfish  Flies, Gnats, Mosquitoes, Bedbugs, Stored Food Beetles and Weevils, Wasps, Hornet, Bees, Moth and an assortment of garden variety Insects. Rats, Vermin, Termites and Wood Boring Beetles have become so used to our California weather that laws and regulations have been established to protect home buyers as they purchase a home.  If you would like to receive additional informatio n please contact us at nixitpro@nixitpro.com or complete the form provided on the contact info page.  We will be happy to hear about your needs and help you find the right solution to your termite and pest problem.

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